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Anatomy of a spinner company

I fish. It is all I do and basically all I have ever done. As a boy growing up in Washington State, I traveled with my dad and uncle from the Skykomish River down to the East Fork of the Lewis, and from the Lewis up river to the Hanford Reach, chasing salmon and steelhead in every river that held fish. The same night I caught my first steelhead I began putting small black dots on orange and pink corkies, it worked. From then on, I painted or modified everything. The tackle you find on this site is the culmination of a lifetime of work and, as you will see, I am always testing something new.   


All of our spinners are made with Owner Hooks, Gold Star Hoochies and the highest quality made in America components available. Each blade is designed, painted, and assembled right here at our shop in the Tri-Cities.  Our pro staff and myself have tested each spinner design and they are all deadly. From our workshop to your tackle box, we hope you enjoy our line of spinners as much as we do.  

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